Monthly Team Dues

Senior Team

$90 / month

Pre-Senior Team

$80 / month

Junior Team

$65 / month

USS Registration Fee

Year Round Athlete Registration 

Season Fee 

Outreach Membership Program Registration

Meet fees Varies from meet to meet - normally $15 to $40 per meet

Some important notes about the monthly dues:

  • Checks, cash, and credit cards are accepted
  • For credit cards, call the APS Aquatics Office at 303-326-1957 ex.28470
  • All checks need to be made out to Aurora Public Schools
  • Payments are due by the first Friday of each month

Second Child Discount

25% off the total cost (for any additional children)

The second child discount is to help alleviate the cost for families with multiple sibilings. The discount is for immediate family members only (brothers or sisters) and can be applied even when sibilings are on seperate teams. 

USS Registration Fee

In order to participate in any USS swim meet you must fill out the USS Registration Form. This fee is seperate from the Aurora Tsunami Swim Team and payments are made to Colorado Swimming Inc. There are two types of registration forms that you can fill out and are dependant on when you join:

Policy for Outreach Membership Program in Colorado

Athletes must qualify for the reduced of free lunch program at school. Athletes or parents must send proof of the reduced or free lunch program with application. If the swimmer does not attend public school they will need to supply a copy of their tax return to show they meet the current qualifications for the lunch program. For more information, call the APS Aquatics Office at 303-326-01957 x28470.