The Senior Swim Team is currently the highest level for the Aurora Tsunami Swim Team. The team is for swimmers who have established a technique that is suitable for them and are building strength, endurance, and speed into their stroke.

  • Ages range from 12 years old to 18 years old
  • Effective technique from both their arms and legs
  • Able to replicate all of the drills of the Junior Team

The practices are designed to teach the swimmer how to put power and speed into their stroke. This will in turn develop into faster competitive swimmers. Unlike in the Junior practices, these practices emphasize more on building strength and speed through drill. The skills taught will bring improvement in the following areas:

  • Increased strength throughout the body
  • Advanced swimming technique
  • Correct pacing for events
  • Advanced starts and turns
  • Overall speed
  • Endurance

Currently, in order to participate on the senior team the swimmer must have approval from the head coach. In the future there will be time accomplishments to be on the senior team.