cprCPR/AED/First Aid/ CPR for the Professional Rescuer

Aurora Public Schools offers Rescue Skills to anyone interested in knowing what to do in case of an emergency. These skills include :

  • CPR(Cardiopulmonary  Resuscitation)
  • AED  (Automated  External Defibrillator)
  • First Aid (on select courses only)

The classes being offered below are blended learning classes.  This means that the class will involve both on-line work and in class skill testing.  Participants will take ½ the course on-line and work at their own pace; once the on-line portion is completed, the participant can take the hands-on skills session with an instructor.  All courses listed below are the same; some are offered by Health Services and some are offered by APS Aquatics…same course, just find the dates that work for you.  All courses are offered in accordance with the American Red Cross.  

Participants will sign up for one of the sessions below.  The links below are the dates for the in-class skills sessions.  Once you sign up for a skills session the instructors will send you information regarding how to access the on-line portion you will complete on your own.  Please note that the on-line portion MUST BE COMPLETED prior to the participant being allowed to complete the skills session.

Each session has a maximum of 24 participants so please sign up for your skills testing date as soon as possible.  You can complete the on-line work any time prior to skills testing.  Please note that you can sign up for later skills testing dates if you miss the test date you signed up for, but class space is limited and availability for later skills session dates is not guaranteed. 

Blended Learning Courses Offered Through APS Aquatics Program.

Follow the Sign-up link below.  You will be contacted by Instructor Jimmy Price and given information on how to access the on-line portion for this blended course.

Please click on the Link below to access the Blended Learning CPR/AED course taught by APS Aquatics.The are two Skills Testing Sessions for the current APS aquatics CPR/AED on-line course available:

Sign up online.

For more information call 303-365-7809 or email jrprice@aurorak12.org.