Have more fun in the water! Learn Synchronized Swimming!

Learn Synchronized Swimming at Rocky Mountain Splash!
Learn Synchronized Swimming at Rocky Mountain Splash!

Synchro is the abbreviation of a sport that involves swimming, dance and gymnastics. It  demands advanced water skills, and requires great strength endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry and precise timing. Besides basic skills, participants will learn figures (similar to doing a dive in front of a judges panel) and a routine.

In conjunction with APS, Rocky Mountain Splash, offers youth an opportunity to learn this Olympic Sport.

  • Lessons are available at Hinkley HS.
  • Introductory swim lessons  to this graceful sport are also available.
  • Ages 5-17 are welcome to enroll. The ability to swim one length of a 25-yard pool is required.

Please contact Shari Darst (syncbear@pcisys.net) or Jim Price (jrprice@aurorak12.org) or call 303-326-1957.

Visit the Rocky Mountain Splash website at www.rmsplash.org for more information on synchro or register below.